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What's new at Colaberry

We've grown a lot since we last met!
Calling all returning students: Get 50% OFF your Data Analytics
Training Course by using the code RETOCT2922.

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We are here to help you graduate successfully and fast

We revamped your experience by improving the app.colaberry platform

Colaberry Chat
Colaberry Chat function allows students, Teacher Assistants, and Alumni
to communicate and discuss data-related subjects and get homework help! Or simply post helpful hints and articles.

Homework Help Sessions
Designed to assist you with your homework and your mastery of the concepts you learn! You can also post questions into a group chat and answers fast. You can attend weekly video chats with Teacher Assistants to receive further help.

AI-Driven Video Feedback System
Improve your professional communication, emotional intelligence, and interview preparation skills, and receive feedback on your facial expressions, voice rate, filler words word rate, eye contact, and much more through our state-of-the-art CFS system.

Making Colaberry Affordable for You

For returning students only, we are offering you 50% off our next Data Analytics Training Program starting on October 29th by using the code: RETOCT2922. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to continue to advance your career with Data Science Analytics.


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Data Analytics Flexible Payment Plans

Focus on career, not cost. We are committed to help you achieve your professional goals.

Upfront Payment
Career Accelerator
Upront Payment: 
Or Deferred Payment:
 Career Accelerator Program Details
THE MENTORWORKS MISSION is to open pathways to education and careers for students and candidates who may not have had the financial or social capital to do it on their own.
Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are a flexible alternative to traditional, private loans. You simply pay an affordable percentage of your future income for a set period of time, up to a maximum cap, without accruing interest. Unlike a loan, you do not pay until you find a job and reach the minimum income threshold.
The payments adjust according to the level of your income - providing downside protections for you as the student. ISAs may be issued by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.

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Find a Discount that works for you

Employer Sponsored
Receive potentially full
or partial tuition
reimbursement from
your company.

Cost to you:
Cost to your employer:
Military Scholarship
Are you an active or a retired
US Military personnel looking to
gain critical skills for a future in tech?
We are committed to supporting
you all along the way,
starting with our Military
Scholarship to cover 100%
of Technical Training tuition.
Early Bird Special
Register and pay in full 10 days before the start of the class start date by 11:59 PM CST, and get $199 off our Data Analytics class. Start your application today! Once you get to the payment tab in your Colaberry dashboard we'll provide you with the coupon code.
Finance your career in Data Science Analytics and transform your career today! We have various financing options available for you. Learn which financing option is right for you by clicking below.
Financing Options

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 Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act is a no-cost employment program designed to give job seekers the support and/or skills training they need to find a job. Contact us for information on how to apply for WIOA grants for Colaberry training.




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Refactored.ai is Thriving
Refactored is an interactive, on-demand data training platform powered by AI. It augments the learner experience by delivering the highest level of continuously updated content, personalization, and ongoing feedback through custom analytics.
Refactored.ai won the MIT SOLVE 2018 Awards as Promising 'Work of the Future' Solution! We believe in using innovation and technology for the betterment of humanity and are committed to making a social impact by ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to succeed in the work fo the future.



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Want to Reconnect With Us? You are invited to our Career Switch Open House Session
Join us for our virtual open house to hear from current students, alumni, and staff members about what makes Colaberry unique.



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XPRIZE Work Reimagined
XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling is a $5 million dollar, 30-month competition to quickly reskill under-resourced workers for the digital revolution. Colaberry joined with BanyanTree Global & Gleechi around a singular mission to shape the opportunities for work by developing and delivering new training and upskilling solutions that break down barriers to gainful employment and social upliftment.
We've announced our semifinalists. Check them out below!



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Awards and Recognitions